An innovative approach to therapy created by qualified professionals with experience in Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Trauma.

“The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light.” Romans 19:12

Created using a successful combination of counselling and psychotherapy techniques, along with healing nutrition. We have faith, that every person under God, can gain a healthy, strong, mind, body and soul.

It has been well documented, that the body can facilitate its own healing, given the right circumstances, nutrition, environment and spiritual guidance.

Trauma is one of the main triggers that will lead a person to addiction or destructive behaviour.

For many years the source of addiction has been ignored, with many facilities preferring to focus on the end condition. Labelling someone does not cure them, it is far better to pick up that person, instil a sense of worth and faith, harnessing their trust so that therapy can occur successfully by seeking out the root cause.

During addiction, the brain tries to adjust to the various chemical imbalances in the body and will accommodate what is happening through fluctuations in various hormones that create a stimulus for pleasure. Toxins ingested, cause a deterioration of vital organs, and can be fatal if the abuse becomes consistent over a period of time.

However, if nutrition is introduced along with tailored counselling techniques, the mind and body will be able to begin its own healing process.

A combination of counselling therapy and nutrition saved my life!

As a victim of rape and abuse, I was a former substance abuser, who suffered from depression, but managing it effectively without medication, through activity and faith, I was fortunate that after many years of substance abuse, and maintaining a nutrition plan, I was able to regain what I had lost in personal growth, mind, body and soul.

Ive since then been told by various doctors, that the process of eating healthily and having faith, saved my life and allowed recovery beyond their expectations.

I have seen first hand how miraculous faith and the body can be, towards a happier fulfilling future.

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I represent Salem Crossroads Christian Care Centre, a facility located on a farm near Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. We provide a structured and sheltered Christian environment for approximately 20 male residents ranging in age from 20 to 65 years old. Some are homeless and destitute, others are recovering from addiction issues, trauma and from psychiatric disabilities.

Shalom approached us six months ago and volunteered his services to the residents of our facility on a pro bono basis. He commutes to us weekly from his practice to provide counselling to the men. This he does on both a group therapy as well as an individual basis.

We consider ourselves blessed by the commitment that Shalom has made to the spiritual and emotional well-being of our residents. As we are an NGO and receive little outside support the impact that Shalom’s generous donation of both his time and skills is profound. His insight and wisdom regarding the issues our residents struggle with provide a fresh dimension of support that our residents have access to.

Shalom is clearly a highly skilled and experienced therapist and councilor and we have all benefitted greatly from the input he offers. I speak from personal experience as well as the feedback that I receive from other residents. His empathy and understanding of the issues that the residents deal with has proved to equip the residents with some of the necessary tools that they can use to rebuild a solid foundation for a life back in society as productive and emotionally healthy members.

I would recommend Shalom’s gifts to any similar facility be it for substance abuse rehabilitation or a shelter offering a safe haven for marginalized members of society.

Christopher Leach –