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An innovative approach to therapy through tailored program’s created by qualified professionals.

Created using a successful combination of counselling, therapeutic activities and nutrition. Through love, mutual respect, trust, and commitment, at BACK2LIFE we believe that each person can gain a healthy, strong, mind, body and soul.

It has been documented, that the body can facilitate its own healing, given the right circumstance, environment and guidance.

During addiction, the brain tries to adjust to the various chemical imbalances in the body and will accommodate what is happening through fluctuations in various hormones that create a stimulus for pleasure. Toxins that are ingested, begin to cause deterioration of vital organs and can be fatal if the abuse becomes consistent over a period of time.

However, if nutrition is introduced along with our counselling techniques, the mind and body will be able to begin its own healing process.

A combination of counselling therapy and nutrition saved my life!

As a victim of rape and abuse, I was a former substance abuser, who still suffers from depression but can mange it effectively without medication., I was fortunate that after my abusive years, I maintained a solid diet along with a continuous therapy program to regain what I had lost in personal growth, mind, body and soul..

I has been told by numerous doctors, that this process has saved my life from future ailments and allowed recovery beyond expectations. I have been active and consistent in developing myself, and allowed my mind to develop through work and additional studies. I have seen first hand how miraculous the body can be, and with the correct program, have an active and healthy future. Shalom Grays. BA Hons

It has been a long committed ride to freedom without any subsequent lingering damage. But that does not mean they’re are times, I look back and wonder why and how long it went on, the time, money and life spent away, that cannot be reclaimed. Addiction takes no prisoners, those in it are not able to make rational decisions regarding their livelihood. Therefore, if you are going through some kind of addiction, listen to this closest to you that you trust, they do have your interests at heart.

Please take your time to review our site, and feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have regarding the services available. We want to make sure the decision made suits all.