Take the first step in faith. …

A new approach to recovery using Nutrition and complimentary therapies to rebuild body and mind. Through love and respect, commitment and perseverance we believe at BACK2LIFE that each of us can be reborn from our past to have a healthy, strong, rejuvenated body and soul.

It has been proven, both medically and holistically, that the body does heal itself given the right circumstances, nutrition, and guidance. We have all to easily relied upon a quick fix with pharmaceutical medicines or diet fads. BUT! with the right environmental and nutritional diet and health program, your body will recover through the regeneration of vital organs.

During addiction or alcoholism, the chemical balances in the body and disrupted and the brain tried to accommodate what is going on by reducing or increasing certain functions. the toxins that are ingested from these abuses, begin to cause deterioration of vital organs and can be fatal if the abuse becomes consistent over a period of time.

However, if nutrition is introduced, even to someone that has an addiction or alcoholism. The circumstances can be slowed, and with the abuse stopped the body will be able to begin its own healing process.

These facts are what saved my life, as a former substance abuser, whom had depression and trauma, I was fortunate that during my abusive period, I maintained, for whatever reason, a solid diet along with supplements.

I was later told by numerous doctors that the process saved my life, and has since then, allowed my body to regain it’s health.Ive since studied and learnt how miraculous the body can be, and with the correct diet to suit you, have an active and healthy future.

Please take your time to review our site, and feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have regarding the services available. We want to make sure the decision made suits all.