Nutritional Therapy

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Nutritional Therapy

Working alongside you, our programs are tailored to bring you back to a level of health, fitness and cognisance. As professionals, we aim for you to lead a healthy, productive and physically active lifestyle.

Many people whom have or had Addiction, Substance Use Disorders, Cancer, Alcoholism, or HIV need to eat a ‘specific diet’ that will support the redevelopment of your bodies, organs and cell regeneration, and ongoing maintenance if on medications.

A nutritional created diet that also works with what is available seasonal can help promote immunity for certain natural factors.
We aim along with the program to educate you on the benefits of various food and blood types, recommending certain supportive vitamins and minerals.

If we cannot help you due to certain other factors, we will refer you to other professionals for assistance beyond the scope of our qualifications.

  1. Therapy: A custom program created to improve ailments you might be suffering with, and help your body to heal and reach its optimum performance.
  2. Programs: For any age or demographic, I will listen and then create a nutritional-based diet that will educate you as well as allow you to eat healthier, so your daily life feels healthier, more agile, and without the discomfort caused by certain foods.
  3. Wellness Diets: A lot of people today suffer from disorders or require more for nutrition due to undertaking new fitness goals, whether a marathon, body-building or toning and slimming. Through careful discussion and appreciation of your body type, I can create a progressive diet to support your body and mind.


At Back2Life, we offer a counselling and therapy service based on the professional counselling and psychology practices.

It works through us creating an assessment of the client, all the types of activities, dietary diary, shopping habits, eating out and types of binging, health and weight issues, training schedules etc. for us to build up a complete picture of who you are!

We then agree with you a meeting schedule, and through `zoom’ on a regular basis, we discuss your program, which evolves a you do over the course of the coaching.

We will work with you guide you and answer any questions that arise, to meet the needs to improve your health, set certain tasks, and measure your progress.

Counselling will look at you and your lifestyle. Then through building up details of you and your issues, that through our therapy sessions, being counselled on both a psychological and nutritional level, you will make the changes necessary to rebuild the life you wanted’.

Personal Mentoring / Coaching

We all have over time learnt many valuable lessons and skillsets, through perseverance. With our vast community network, our aim is to help those that have backed themselves into a corner, and don’t have the skills to help themselves.

By partnering you with the right mentor, we hope you can unravel your issues and allow the experience of another, whom is willing and able to give time and coaching, help you see the way, and reinvigorate your life towards being successful in all you do.

Often many of us can’t see the wood from the trees, we are just in too deep.