• Basic monthly fee / person.
  • Overseas guests / month. (please get in touch)
  • Large luxury rooms sharing with one other person.
  • x2 Counselling session/week as standard (more available upon request).
  • Professional Nutrition based diet created to suit the seasons.
  • Fresh Food sourced locally and cooked daily to meet requirements
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared and served daily x7 days/week by the Cook.
  • Dietary requirements can be met if discussed in advance.
  • Refreshments hot and cold will always be available from the lounge or kitchen.
  • Transport provided on schedule: to and from local malls, medical appointments, churches, synagogues and arranged outings.
  • Workshops, Internships, Career counselling, Life-coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Occupational Therapy are all available. 
  • Additional Services: Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Yoga, and Life Coaching are charged accordingly.

*We also now offer an online counselling service. This works through us creating a meeting schedule, and through `zoom’ on a regular, we can meet and discuss certain tasks that are set, to measure your progress.

Additional Services

  1. Nutritional Therapy: Advice and a custom program created to improve ailments you might be suffering with, and help your body to heal and reach its optimum performance.
  2. Nutritional Programs: For any age demographic, WE will listen and then create a nutrition-based program to educate you to eat healthier, so your daily life feels healthier, more agile, and without the discomfort caused by certain foods.
  3. Wellness Diets: A lot of people today undertake new fitness goals, whether a marathon, body-building or toning and slimming. Through careful discussion and appreciation of your body type, I can create a progressive diet to meet your body’s needs.
  4. Counselling: Addiction, Alcohol, Trauma, Food Disorders, and Body Dysmorphia. We have qualified professionals who have years of experience working in their field and can be called upon for private consulting.
  5. Psychiatry and Psychology: We have arranged with some of the best in the area to work privately with our guests, from Clinical Psychology to modern Psychiatry, their methods are aligned with our philosophy.

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