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Shalom Grays After qualifying with a BA (hons) in Architecture and Color Psychology. Shalom went further and began his career in the associated health practices in 1994,  primarily training in sports fitness and nutrition with Edward Jackowski of Exude Fitness  and the AFAA in New York. 

After returning to London he opened his own successful health practice that supplied all associated health professionals to private and corporate clients. Since then he has achieved certification with the British College of Nutrition & Health (BCNH) and further certification through UNISA.

Over the years he has studied further, met Joseph Sonnabend and other well known scientists to understand and further his knowledge to  improve and maintain his client's daily lifestyles. 

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Shalom Lindhorst-Grays

Shalom Lindhorst-Grays

Position Head of Nutritional Therapy

About I have actively sought answers to many current population ailments. As early on I came across the need to provide advise to those with HIV, Cancer and Stress related ailments.Through Nutrition and associated medicinals I have found we can be healthier and improve and heal the problems that affect our health in today's modern lifestyle

Grant Lindhorst

Grant Lindhorst

Position Counselor / CFO


*Also specialising in the fields of  HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Obesity, Over 50's and Sports nutrition.


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Shalom Lindhorst-Grays
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